Get Educated for a Successful Retirement:

How to Navigate the New Rules


An essential academic course, providing a foundational education for a secure retirement. No products pitched during classes.

The Complete Course

Two 3-hour advanced classes

This is our most comprehensive retirement planning course, created by Kevin Wingert. In it, we reveal how the rules of retirement planning are changing. Low interest rates, all-time market highs, longer lifespans, health care costs, complicated tax rules, fewer guaranteed pensions and threats to Social Security – all this means the old norms are gone.

Topics Covered in This Course

  • Setting your core retirement priorities
  • Reasons retirees run out of money
  • Minimizing taxes in retirement
  • Efficient investing: Investment choices available to you and what you should know that most financial advisers don’t talk about.
  • Tax-efficient asset allocation
  • Social Security & when to take it
  • Developing an income plan
  • What questions should you ask your adviser?
  • Detailed retirement planning discussions & industry experts’ advice on how to avoid the biggest mistakes of retirement planning.
  • Extensive information from the Stanford Center on Longevity, Wharton Financial Institution Center and Milliman actuarial services.

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