• Founder and Owner of American Elite Retirement, LLC
  • Investment Adviser Representative with Royal Fund Management, LLC
  • Past president of a national life insurance company
  • Served as the director of a New York Stock Exchange traded company
  • Graduate of Drake University
  • Member of Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM


A.R.E. Founder and Course Presenter Why A.R.E. Courses Are Important Today…

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there about retirement planning, it’s not just you. A.R.E. will help you weed through all the information and financial products so you can make the decision that are best for you.

American Retirement Education was created as a resource for individuals and couples to better understand their retirement planning. We leverage our experience and special expertise to ensure that you are armed with all the knowledge you need to make wise and successful retirement financial decisions.

Today’s Retirement Plans – How the Rules Have Changed

  • Rising health care costs and longer life expectancies.
  • Taxes could be your largest unexpected retirement expense.
  • Threats to Social Security
  • Worldwide political and financial instability may require you to act now.

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Finally, a way for today’s retirees to navigate the complex and evolving world of retirement financial planning!

American Retirement Education (A.R.E.) gives you straightforward information about financial retirement planning. A.R.E. advisers do NOT sell products. Instead, we provide an objective and complete education of the financial and tax environment facing prospective and current retirees.

Formerly known as FOFE, American Retirement Education was founded to provide objective, unfiltered education on financial products for investors and future retirees. Most of us are inundated by information that is often conflicting and confusing. A.R.E. education programs are designed to cut through the confusion, to unravel conflicting information and to provide the pros and cons of financial planning.

Unlike typical courses that advance the Wall Street approach to financial planning, we educate on all available options. There are no bad registered financial products; there are only products that are bad for you. Our courses help to raise your overall financial literacy about investments and planning strategies.